The Pitch Whisperer

Chad Whipple, ace pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, loses his control just before Opening Day of the new season. He decides to seek help--of all places--from the mice who play baseball underneath the stadium. Little Ava, one of the heroes of A Big-League Catastrophe, saves the day again. Read a sample.

Silky and the Parrot

A scarlet macaw named Bucky arrives at the marina next to the San Francisco Giants stadium, looking for a quiet place to live. What he finds is a new friend, a skunk kit named Silky, and a whole lot of noise from the boys and dogs on the boats. Read a sample.


One Fog-Knit Night

Weldon the sea lion meets Moth the coyote on an overnight jaunt through the fog-filled hills of San Francisco. Together they elude capture and make new friends. Along the way, Weldon recovers his family feeling and the coyote finds his courage. Read a sample.

Nunc and Geo

Geo is a snake that lives deep in the crevices in the concrete walls of AT&T Park, the San Francisco Giants ballpark. When he wanders accidentally onto the playing field, he encounters a Native American groundskeeper named Nunc, a man unhappy with his urban lifestyle. Each learns that the other has something important to teach. Read a sample.


The Cowbird’s Song

A young cowbird named Macomb doesn't understand why other birds hate him. Even his mother kicks him out of the nest. He develops an extraordinary singing style and becomes a celebrity in bird communities. But when he starts a family his fans turn against him. Read a sample.



A little girl is turned into a petunia. As she adapts to her new existence, rooted in a row of flowers, she learns to express herself and to join in the life of the garden. She also discovers some extraordinary qualities within herself. Read a sample.


Minot’s Mind

A visitor from space is mistakenly trapped in the body of a cow. How can he find his shipmate and get back home?
Read a sample.


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